Rapid Rooms - UK

Sustain, Toronto-based designer of the popular miniHome, is on a roll and just released renderings of their new Rapid Rooms suites.  Buildings for the Future of London retained Sustain to design the 4 x 5 meter (16 x 13 feet, 215 square feet) modular unit that comes complete with an accessible bathroom, living area, bedroom, and kitchenette.  It’s a turnkey solution that can be installed in your backyard or wherever for almost any situation.  Maybe you want an extra work space.  Maybe you need a spot for that extra family member.  Or maybe you just need a little more room.  Whatever your need, Rapid Rooms are super insulated (R40) and come with the same materials as other miniHomes.  You can also grab the optional solar PV system, too.


On their website, Sustain says they plan to offer other variations and floorplans in the future.  Also, even though these 215 square-foot modules are destined for the UK, depending on demand, Sustain will make a kit available for North American clients.  That’s something I’d love to see.






Rendering credits: Sustain.

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