Project FROG FROG Zero Classroom


The classroom of the future was on display throughout Greenbuild 2008 and it’s safe to say that attendees were impressed.  Project FROG built the classroom using their FROG Zero system of modular construction — a zero-energy building system.  What’s interesting, though, is that the contractor, Fisher Development, assembled and finished it in six days.  And it’s beautiful inside and out.  The company has received venture funding and can sell their classrooms for 25% cheaper than the competition.  Soon enough, we’ll all be able to watch the proliferation of healthy, architecturally-designed learning environments.



The 1280 square foot structure features 75% energy demand reduction, abundant natural light and glare control, operable windows, no-VOC and recycled materials, and microclimate customization.  The exterior features FSC-certified cladding and a green roof, although other cladding and roof options are available.

We were able to interview Mark Miller, founder and CEO of Project FROG, and he’s excited about his company’s future plans.  They’ve built two prototype projects already and this Greenbuild display is version 2 of the system, a system that’s been perfected through extensive research and development.  With the infusion of $8 m in series B capital from RockPort, Miller is ready to deliver zero-energy classrooms built to a baseline of LEED Silver certification (and more).  They already have projects in the pipeline, so we’ll keep you posted on clasrooms and campuses as they’re built.

Below, I’ve taken the liberty of including photos of my tour of the FROG Zero classroom.














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