Meyer Wells Coffee Table

Meyer Wells Furniture, based in Seattle, Washington, is an impressive model of sustainable business practices.  Owners John Wells, a furniture designer, and Seth Meyer, a master craftsman, teamed up to start this company which produces beautiful furniture from reclaimed local wood.  This reclaimed wood has a unique story — it comes from "urban trees". 

At the end of their lives gracing the neighborhoods of Seattle, these trees which often go to waste, have the opportunity to become beautiful pieces of furniture thanks to Meyer Wells.  As a matter of course, Meyer Wells uses HAP fee and low-VOC finishes, but they also offer other finishes that range from water based non-ozone depleting to 100% botanical tung oil.

One fact really caught my attention: 99% of their materials come from within 10 miles of their shop.  Wow!  Now,that’s impressive.  They also pride themselves on providing fair pay and insurance for their employees while providing a healthy (chemical-free) work environment.  Their simple, contemporary designs highlight the natural beauty of their unique wood, and of course, each piece created is one-of-a-kind because of the nature of the reclaimed materials. 

Custom work is available; some clients have even had special pieces made from their own trees that need to be cut down.  There are a wide variety of pieces available on Meyer Wells‘ website along with more information about this impressive green company.


Weave Pattern Wood


Image credits: Meyer Wells.