Garcia Home Twilight

This home took first place in the St. Louis Magazine AT HOME‘s 2008 Architect and Design Awards in category of Best Residential Architecture Less Than 4,000 Square feet.  Designed by Killeen Studio, the modern abode is a slightly lighter shade of green than the ones we usually feature — it has a four car garage — but there are solid green features nonetheless:  recyclable metal panels, bamboo floors, Energy Star appliances, efficient windows, and tons of natural light.  Plus, the 2,550 square foot home was built in a location that’s perfect for the owners, Ivan and Jennifer Garcia, so the environmental impact of their transportation has been minimized in a big way. 

Garcia House

The interior is undeniably clean and tastefully minimalist — a style that’s hard to beat.  Some people think minimalism is cold and uninviting, but with this home, the warm, earthy colors mitigate against that.  Plus with all those windows and natural light, the owners hardly need to use electrical lighting during the day.   

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Garcia House Garcia kitchen

Garcia Kitchen Garcia House

Garcia Bedroom Garcia House

Photo credits: Killeen Studio.