The Lucida

The Lucida, located in New York City’s Upper East Side, is the first LEED condominium building in the neighborhood.  If the Upper East Side wasn’t rich enough for your taste, this building certainly adds to the allure.  With 110 units, the smallest of which appears to be around 2,000 square feet, this building is certainly not for the average buyer, but it is beautiful. 

Truthfully, their website does not give a wealth of information about the green aspects of the building, but relies more on stating facts about the environmental hazards of buildings in general.  The site does highlight the glass structure for bringing in natural light and the light-colored roof and rooftop vegetation for cooling.  It describes some sustainable building materials used including bamboo and cork and describes how an air filtration system will assume healthy air within the building.  The site also mentions that rainwater will be used to irrigate the landscaping and most impressively, that 75% of the construction waste from the site will be recycled. 

The floorplans are spacious and  beautifully laid out.  Amenities include a fitness and wellness center, a wine cellar, playground, and bicycle storage.  Units offer between 2 and 4 bedrooms and most appear to be around 2,000 square feet.  While their website does not share pricing, word on the street is that these condos start at about $2 million and less than 10 units remain available.  The Lucida is truly a stunning building.  I can’t imagine a much more beautiful place to live in the city. 



Photo credits: Lucida & Curbed; Konrad Feidler (bottom).