Maybe you’ve never considered living in a cohousing* situation, but some of the greenest neighborhoods in the country are trying to use this pattern of living for their communities.  The images in this article show a peaceful, cohousing condominium community called Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm.  Nubanusit is located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, and all the homes will be super green — that is, if they’re all not LEED Platinum certified.  Imagine that: 29 homes on 70 rolling acres and all of them are LEED Platinum certified!

Just last week, the first home received Platinum certification — it’s a 1790 sf home with four bedrooms.  The green certified home has a HERS rating of 45 and uses 55% less energy than a standard house built to code.  Nubanusit expects all the homes to be complete by November 2008 and over half are already sold and spoken for. 


Nubanusit has a small biodynamic farm, a common house for gathering, and cordoned off parking away from the homes.  There’s also a centralized wood pellet fired boiler system that uses super-insulated underground pipes to carry heat and hot water to each home in the neighborhood.  The centralized boiler system is powered by locally produced biomass fuel.

[+] Nubi Co-housing Flickr Set
[+] Nubanusit Neighborhood Website





*Nubanusit explains cohousing as follows: "Cohousing is a type of collaborative housing that attempts to overcome the alienation of modern subdivisions where few people really get to know their neighbors. It is characterized by private residences with all the features of conventional homes (kitchen, living-dining room, bedrooms), but with access to extensive common facilities."  Relying on the common facilities, cohousing neighborhoods combine communal and non-communal spaces to make housing clusters into active and vibrant communities.

Photo credits: Nubanusit Flickr photo set.