mkHearth Neighborhood

Today Michelle Kaufmann announced and released details of mkDesign’s newest modular design, a modern farmhouse home called mkHearth.  I like the rendering above because it illustrates how an entire neighborhood of modern, green, mkHearth homes could look … imagine plush gardens in lieu of turf, home fronts instead of garages, and greenroofs in the place of shingles.  The mkHearth centers on a hearth space where a cabinetry / fireplace unit extends and connects the first through third floors. 

This home was also designed to include a few unique touches, such as window seats, screened-in sleeping porches, and sliding wood doors on barn door tracks.  The sliding wood doors you’ve probably seen on other MKD homes — they’re perfect for ventilation and natural light.  A few other green elements planned for the mkHearth modular home include:


  • High performance insulation and mechanical systems
  • Strategically placed windows and doors
  • Rainwater collection for landscape irrigation
  • Low- and no-VOC paints and finishes for healthy IAQ
  • All designs will incorporate the 5 EcoPrinciples

mkHearth modern farmhouse modular prefab

mkHearth modern farmhouse green prefab

mkHearth modern farmhouse modular prefab

I could see using this third floor space as a blogging / working nook, the second floor to live and rest, and the first floor to entertain and hang out around the hearth space with friends and family.  How can you beat that?  Well there’s some video, too:

Rendering credits: Michelle Kaufmann’s Blog