Justin Timberlake (you know: singer, actor, songwriter, producer, etc.) is a single-digit-handicap golfer, and loves the sport.  Recently, he noticed that the first course he ever played golf on as a kid was going up for auction for development.  Originally called Woodstock Hills, Timberlake was able to buy Big Creek with a consortium of owners.  Soon after purchase, Timberlake discovered he could "green" the course, so he decided to build the upscale clubhouse, cart cottage, and maintenance facility to LEED Platinum certification standards. 

We all know LEED Platinum is no small feat — it's the highest level of certification available under the USGBC's Green Building Rating system.  When complete and certified, Timberlake's golf course should be the first in the U.S. with a clubhouse to attain such a high level of certification. 

In addition, the course will have a renewable energy field and walking trail with educational placards for the public to learn about responsible energy and natural resource usage.  Ecorazzi also reports that the course will be opened as Miramichi Lakes this October.  I'm sure it'll be quite the destination. 

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Photo credit: SheKnows.com.