Ludlow GreenPod

GreenPod, a company run by architect and environmentalist Ann Raab, designs and builds compact modular homes that are sustainable, healthy, and energy efficient.  The amazing thing about this company is their full-circle design approach, which aims to help clients create a complete green home right down to their bathroom towels and artwork. 

Truly, every detail has been considered, which tells you that this company really cares about sustainable building and living.  They start with clearing the land using a "tree eater" instead of an invasive excavating process — this greatly reduces the impact on the vegetation and precious topsoil.



Then, they work with a woman from Australia who specializes in organic gardening and permaculture and local artists and furniture makers using green materials.  The cherry on top is the woman who will design and create luxurious accessories such as bathrobes, curtains, bedding etc. uses sustainable and traceable materials. 

GreenPod also promotes the use of existing structures and furnishings in order to reduce the need for new materials.  The compact feature of the homes is also wonderful.  The designer maximizes use of the space by creating movable walls, multi-use furnishings, and lighting to visually expand the spaces. 

Pricing is incredibly reasonable with plans ranging from $100,000 to $240,000 and GreenPod can even help you to find financing for your project.  GreenPod’s designs are some of the most versatile, attractive, and truly earth-friendly homes on the market — and you can probably afford one too!  Learn more about the company on their website.




Photo credits: GreenPods.