BrightBuilt Barn Rendering

I’m starting think that maybe, just maybe, the modern farmhouse could be a gateway to contemporary for many of you.  What do you think, pretty clean design, right?  The BrightBuilt Barn was designed by Kaplan Thompson Architects, factory built in components by Bensonwood (mentioned by Josh Stack in comments recently), and is being built by Gibson Design/Build as we speak.  It was designed to be net-zero and super green — the home will participate in the Living Building Challenge and, in all likelihood, qualify for LEED Platinum certification.  Geez!  So what’s in store for this 700 sf studio home:

  • R-40 envelope
  • Solar thermal systems
  • "Light Skirt" mood ring with ambient LED lighting on the lower exterior edges that change with energy consumption
  • 30 – 32" x 62" solar panels providing ~20 kWh per day
  • State-of-the-art shelf design to save space and minimize overall home footprint
  • Mechanical systems stored away in loft/attic space

The BrightBuilt Barn is designed and constructed to last indefinitely as a result of both the durable qualities of its materials and by keeping its systems disentangled, allowing for flexibility and adaptability of design.  It is and very well could be a 200-year house!

Speaking about this interesting home project, Phil Kaplan said, "We think of BrightBuilt Barn as an organic, living system, which sustains itself and us by continuously adapting to our ever-changing needs. It is designed to keep on adapting for generations to come.”




The above images have all been renderings, but here are some photos of the BrightBuilt Barn being constructed. 






If you like the design of this home, you may also be interested in HOM, Prototipo di Casa Unifamiliare, or the yet to be revealed mkHearth by Michelle Kaufmann Designs.   

Via Treehugger; Photo credits: BrightBuilt Barn.