VivaTerra is a catalog and online eco-friendly home accessories and furnishings company.  You will need to peruse their offerings with a bit of a critical eye and decide for yourself what is truly eco-friendly, but there are a lot of great choices.  Less sustainable offerings to watch out for include river rock bath mats.  The rocks are taken from a natural environment where they belong and do not replenish like trees or bamboo.  I would also stay away from tropical hardwoods since most of them are not truly eco-friendly and travel quite a distance to the USA.  One great VivaTerra choice would be their beautiful "Gustavian Vintage Bed" which is made by a master woodworker in the USA using salvaged Douglass Fir wood from a torn down building, non-toxic glue, and a food safe finish for about $2000. 

Another beautiful piece is their "Hammered Drum Stool".  Made from recycled aluminum, it has a beautiful brushed finish with ribbing and a floral pattern on the top and is about $200. 

One of my favorite accessories is the "Recycled Aluminum Bark Candlesticks".  Molded to mimic tree branches, these beauties come in two different sizes, hold pure beeswax candles, and would make a wonderful wedding gift.  Other treats include recycled glass dinnerware and durable oriental-style recycled plastic rugs (4’x6’=$45). 

VivaTerra often features sale items and the prices are reasonable, so check them out online.

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