Serenbe is located in Palmetto, Georgia, about 30-45 minutes southwest of Atlanta.  The 900 acre community will preserve 70% of it’s land and eventual plans include about 600 homes.  All Serenbe homes will be EarthCraft certified and the community offers a variety of options including work/live townhomes, cottages, and estates.  The architecture is diverse and charming and is often inspired by historical buildings.  There’s a Dwell Home being built (see below), and the above home by Redbone Construction was featured in various green building articles in local Atlanta publications. 

As you can tell, Serenbe made the cover of Cottage Living Magazine as a Top 10 Cottage Neighborhood.

Cottage Living Cover


Prices supposedly start around $300,000, but if you peruse the real estate for sale on their site, you won’t see much below the $500,000 mark.  I think this is one of the drawbacks of the community — I would like to see more opportunity for economic diversity. 

Another consideration is the lack of public transportation.  Unless you are retired or using the live/work residences, Atlanta is most likely where you would end up working and driving that distance everyday is not very "green".  Of course, the community could develop a carpool program as well as promote biofuels and electric cars — something to make up for this less green feature. 

Other than that, there are stores, restaurants, a farm and an inn all within walking distance, made easier by planned footpaths.  Future plans even include a juice bar, holistic medical services, and assisted living. Serenbe is big on community activities and events and really aims to bring people back to a simpler time when there was a much stronger sense of community living.  Serenbe is a truly idyllic-looking community and the type of life it promises would make most people jump to buy a home there, if you can afford it.



Townhouse Townhouse2