Green Key pointed us to The Leapfrog House website, which has a rendering of this house located at 541 SW Maplecrest Court in Portland, Oregon.  The home is what might be termed "LEED Platinum Plus" in that the home’s developer is going after more than points.  The developer is trying to "jump further into green" and approach zero energy bills and zero water bills.  A noble ambition, I’ll admit.  As you might imagine, the home is for sale and has a laundry list of green features.

To be clear, The Leapfrog House, from my research, hasn’t been LEED Platinum certified yet, but I gather the developers are going for that level of certification.  They’ve incorporated some of the following green elements in their design:

  • Ground source heat pump
  • Hydronic floors, radiant panels, and hot water heated by heat pump
  • 6 kW grid-tied solar PV system
  • Efficient envelope with R30 walls and R40 ceilings
  • Ventilation by Panasonic WhisperGreen fan
  • Efficient lighting with fluorescents and LEDs
  • Energy Star windows and appliances
  • 6000 gallon potable water storage/purification system
  • Galvalume roof and gutters for rainwater collection
  • Dual-flush toilets and low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Plumbed for potential greywater re-use (upon legalization)
  • High fly-ash content concrete
  • Use of reclaimed and recycled materials from old house
  • Extensive use of FSC-certified lumber, FSC formaldehyde free plywood
  • Siding with recyclable steel and dry-process fiber cement (with fly-ash)
  • Use of native and drought-tolerant landscaping, food garden beds
  • Formaldehyde free cabinets and counter tops
  • Use of no-VOC paints
  • All electrical appliances ready for on-site green power
  • Site located in close proximity to mass transit

So, all in all, there’s a lot of fantastic progress being made in Oregon as innovative developers decide to leapfrog the low hanging fruit and pursue LEED Platinum and beyond. 





Photo Credits: Roots Realty, via Green Key.