Three PNC Plaza

Slated to open in 2009, Three PNC Plaza is planned to be one of the largest, environmentally-friendly, mixed-use buildings in the U.S.  The 23-story building is also Pittsburgh's first new high-rise in 20 years.  3 PNC will have office space, 28 condominiums, a restaurant, retail space, underground parking, and a Fairmont Hotel.  Three PNC Plaza fronts a large public park (see site plan below). 

Designed by Gensler with the collaboration of Astorino and Paladino & Company, 3 PNC is being built to the USGBC's LEED standards, although I haven't been able to determine what level of certification they're seeking. 

PNC has a strong commitment to green buildings — the 3 PNC fact sheet states that PNC has more certified green buildings than any other company on Earth, including 40+ green branch locations.  That's quite interesting, actually. 

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3 PNC Plaza


Photo credits: PNC.