Denmark50, located in Los Angeles, is comprised of a showroom and warehouse full of vintage Danish Modern furniture and accessories.  And of course, buying vintage is such a green way to go.  The showroom (below) is a nice display of what the company has to offer, but the warehouse (also below) is the really amazing part.  Mid-Century Danish furniture is stuffed into the large space as far as the eye can see: couch after couch, chairs, tables, and any other piece one could imagine.

For a Danish Modern design lover, Denmark50 is heaven. For those of us who don’t live in the area, we might have to plan a trip and ship our finds home. Prices are not shared on their site and I’m sure they aren’t cheap, but this is incredibly high quality, beautiful, and collectible furniture.  And if you can afford it, I would say it’s worth almost any price.

Denmark50 also carries a large collection of collectible ceramics in the earthy tones that the style is known for. One thing to consider is that many of these items are shipped from Denmark, which does make them considerably less green in the end.  As always, you have to weigh the pros and cons.  But, if you’re a Mid-Century Modern design lover, Denmark50 will blow your mind.



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