We keep hearing about thin film solar innovation and building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), but it may be hard to image how this technology will play a part in the future of our buildings.  But I think CENTRIA Services Group has a product that could certainly change that: EnergyPeak.  They’ve combined the flexibility of laminate photovoltaics (LPV) with strong, durable standing seam roof panels to create a rooftop solar option with a fast payback.  I mean, just look at the diagram and check out its immediately recognizable benefits:

  • You obviate the need for racking systems.
  • The flexible solar laminate is flush with the standing seam roof panels and unobtrusive.
  • The integrated design eliminates the need to tear into your roof with mounts, racks, and other equipment.
  • The solar is mounted on a standing seam roof, which has been a popular roofing option.

The solar laminates used in EnergyPeak are from Uni-Solar.  They are encapsulated in UV stabilized polymers partially made with ETFE, a high light transmissive polymer.  Uni-Solar PVLs are glassless, shadow and high heat tolerant, and come with power ratings from 64-136W.  Using Uni-Solar PVLs, CENTRIA markets the EnergyPeak system to have the following benefits:

  1. ROI of 10 years or less
  2. 20-year warranty
  3. Product delivery from reputable standing seam roof manufacturer
  4. A complete, standardized solar roof system with everything
  5. Roof panel integrated photovoltaics

All in all, I really like this product.  Standing seam roof products have been popular because they’re durable, weathertight, lightweight, and easy to install and maintain.  We’ll keep you updated as case studies are posted to the EnergyPeak website.

Rendering credits: EnergyPeak.