In the Spring 2008, the NY Times commissioned a study to learn how the real estate market and economy may be affecting people’s attitudes towards buying a home.  Their study skewed young, affluent, and New York/Metro area (with roughly 250 NY participants).  It was also conducted in two-stages with the online study portion first and a follow-up interview second.  They concluded the study with Five Core Insights, with the following two points relating to environmental concerns:

  • 93% of all home buyers, both nationally and in the NY Metro area, ARE NOT willing to PAY MORE for green or energy efficient features when building a home. 
  • Consumers said that green features that save them money, such as energy efficient appliances, are important, while green features that are capital-intensive are less important. 

So what’s to explain with these insights?  It could be that young buyers think they don’t need to pay more for green features, but I doubt it.  I think what we’re seeing here is that in a tougher real estate market, the pocket book comes first, and the environment comes second. 

What does that mean?  For one, we probably need to do a better job making green features more economical.  For two, maybe we need a Green MTV Cribs (you’ll have to read the entire study to get that).

[+] Five Core Insights [PDF – NY Times]



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