Zamore Homes

I’ve been noticing some chatter about Zamore Homes, an online company that provides ready-to-assemble kit-homes that are built with off-the-shelf components.  Zamore Homes is looking to capture the market that wants high design at a low price.  They do that by flat-packing and shipping components to a home site, all of which seem to come from various different places with the lowest possible transportation costs.  They also claim to provide simple instructions for contractors to put all the components together.  With simple designs and flat-packed parts, Zamore Homes estimates that their affordable, energy-efficient kit homes can be put together in under 20 weeks!

If you’re looking for a shotgun-style, contemporary traditional home, Zamore Homes just may be able to provide you with the right options.


Construction Process:
Zamore Homes explains two different construction options — both of which leave the home purchaser with some ends to tie up.  Either way you go, the pricing will change and you’ll have to work the specifics out with the company after receiving financing and before signing a purchase agreement with Zamore Homes.  Make sure to read the FAQs page for more information on how the purchase process might move forward. 

Apartment Therapy noted that the company’s designs ranging in size from 400 to 2200 sf will be constructed for about $100 – $170 psf, depending on a ton of different factors.  Location will change the price.  Land is not included in the price.  And the Zamore Homes explains that several other factors could influence the final price, including "site preparation, permit fees, foundation, engineering fees, supervision and labor, shipping distance, and construction loan fees."

So commenters, we have two questions for you: (1) what do you think about the designs? (2) what do you think about the flat-pack prefab model of building a home?  Would you buy one?