Mantle_2 Sink

Recycling The Past is a vintage/antique building supply store located in New Jersey.  The store offers a wonderful variety of products ranging from mantles to hardware to doors, all of which may be viewed online.  Two of my favorite products are the sinks and the tiles.  There are nine pages of stunning tiles in a range of shapes, colors, and styles.  The collection of decorative tiles is incredible; some of them are amazingly detailed. 

The farm-style kitchen sinks would make a great vintage statement in a kitchen — just make sure you have enough room because they are large. 

Prices are reasonable, with a double-drain farm sink at $600, reclaimed oak flooring at $6.50/square foot, and claw foot tubs starting at $250.  Some prices may seem high initially, such as $1000 for a pair of doors, but remember these are pieces of history that display quality and craftsmanship rarely found in products made today. 

Crating is reasonable, but shipping isn’t cheap, especially on large items.  This is probably a better option for East Coasters, but it’s certainly possible from other areas of the country as well.  Regardless, Recycling the Past is definitely worth a website visit.

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