Lost River Modern Interior

If you’ve been listening to the chatter on prefab and thought: "What’s the big deal with prefab homes?" or "Why would anyone ever want to own a prefab?", now’s your chance to find out.  In his most recent update from A Prefab Project, Chris dropped a link to his shiny new website for Lost River Modern, a prefab cabin in Lost River, West Virginia.  And as you can tell from the images on the new website, Lost River Modern is quite incredible to look at.  Designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture, creators of the original Dwell Home, Lost River Modern is the first and only res4 home available for guests.  You can (and probably should) rent the place and completely chill out.  I see some slots are already filled up, so if you’re interested in testing the prefab waters on the East Coast, you better get on it quick. 

Chris has kept a pretty good tally of his actual and estimated costs for Lost River Modern — not to mention allowing us in to watch and learn from the process.  Lost River Modern is a plus $350k project and worth every penny I would say. 

[+] A PreFab Project
[+] Lost River Modern Flickr Photo Set
[+] Resolution: 4 Architecture



And how about these chair photos?  I bet Sally would probably like them.