Scrafano Green Remodel

This is a post and beam house in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles owned by Elaine Wakeland and Eric Garcetti, President of LA City Council.  As you may have previously read in this Dwell article, they’re both environmentally- conscious and highly active in their community.  As a result, they wanted to update their 1950s home and retained the help of Scrafano Architects to suss out its modern traits.  They also wanted to make the home as energy efficient and healthy as possible.  So they removed walls, took out an extra bathroom, and found ways to draw in more natural lighting.  They installed a tankless water heater and solar panels on the roof — a move that now provides 50% of the home’s energy. 

They also used bamboo flooring, built closet doors of recycled plastic, constructed decks out of sustainable wood, and used Yolo no-VOC paint throughout the home.  The 2000 sf home renovation extended to the exterior as well, with Garcetti and Wakeland transforming their 19000 sf yard into a productive garden.

Speaking of the renovation to Dwell, Wakeland said, "I would say that the truth is that everyone living in North America could be more green … and it’s important that when people start doing this work they focus on what they can accomplish without getting too guilty. People need to feel like they are making positive contributions moving forward."  Well said. 






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