Pringle Creek Community is comprised of 32 acres of re-developed land, including protected wetlands, in Salem, Oregon.   The community boasts a wealth of sustainable features.   More than 80% of the existing trees have been preserved and the homes will be constructed using 100% FSC certified wood.  The streets in the community are narrow, allowing for more green space and their well-designed "green street" system means that 90% of the rainwater will filtrate through the soil, recharging the aquifer. 

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Community buildings will be renovated or built to comply with LEED standards.   Some buildings have been moved in order to re-use them and others have been recycled.   More than 200 tons of concrete and 100 tons of wood and steel have been recycled.  During the construction process, construction vehicles and heavy equipment are running on bio-diesel.

Twelve of the thirty-two acres will remain conservation spcae.   There will also be community garden plots and a bike-share and car-share program.   And this is just a portion of their sustainability efforts.

Prices for land start around $68,000 and the only home that I saw on the market was listed at $339,000.  This seems fairly reasonable compared to many of the other so-called sustainable communities around the country which are offering homes at such high prices that they are only accessible for the elite, which in my opinion is not a truly sustainable solution and is not someplace that I would want to live, whether I was rich or not.   To read more about the community and their detailed plans, visit their website.