The Home Depot Duke Smart Home

This isn’t really new news since the Duke Smart Home opened almost a year ago, but I thought I would pass along images and information of the home because it’s another compelling example of the livability of smart green design.  Realistically, the 6000 sf Duke Smart Home is more of a dormitory than a house, with roughly 10 students living in it at any given time, but it has at least a modicum of credibility with LEED Platinum certification already in hand.  The students, in addition to experimenting with various green projects and modifications to the home, are ambassadors that conduct tours and explain its sustainable features.  This active involvement between students, faculty, The Home Depot, and other sponsors, has created what seems to be abundant opportunities for everyone involved with the Duke Smart Home. 

Plus, as evident in the following images and video, this live in laboratory has quite the considerable list of green features:

  • A green roof that insulates the home from cold winters and hot summers and that filters water passing through it by removing pollutants picked up from the atmosphere.
  • A solar thermal unit on the roof that helps heat water for showers and dishwashing.
  • Photovoltaic panels in the front of the house that transform sunlight into electricity for the home.
  • Two rainwater collection systems that irrigate the property and provide water for toilets and the washing machine.
  • Sustainably harvested woods and Southern yellow pine trim from the Duke Forest.
  • DensArmor Plus® drywall, a new generation of paperless drywall designed with a moisture-resistant core to resist mold.
  • Access to direct aylighting for over 90% of the locations inside the home.

[+] Smart Home Completed [Flickr]
[+] The Home Depot Smart Home [Flickr]

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