I’ve not blogged about this interesting and innovative Rotating Tower, which was designed by David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture, because critics have downplayed the concept saying it’s not capable of being built.  But now comes news that the Rotating Tower is not only on the cusp of construction in Dubai, but it’s in advanced design phase for Moscow and intended for New York.  Let me say that again: Fisher intends to design a Dynamic Tower for the Big Apple!  If you haven’t heard about it yet, make sure to watch the above video.  Here’s the general idea:

First, the building is built piece-by-piece with prefabricated parts. Second, wind turbines are placed in between each rotating floor making the structure entirely self-powered.  Third, with easy access to internal parts and quick prefab construction, the structure is both easy to build and quick to repair.

David Fisher hopes that by combining motion, green energy, and efficient construction, his dynamic Rotating Tower will change architecture as we know it and start a new era of dynamic living.

[+] World’s First "Building in Motion" Set for Dubai [WCBSTV]

Rotating Tower


Dubai Rotating Tower