Flatpak Night

This is a Flatpak house in Aspen, Colorado.  I stumbled upon these shots in Flickr, so I don’t have much background on the project.  But we’ve featured a modern Flatpak home before in the Goodwin-Wise Flatpak.  Flatpak houses each have their own particular and interesting features, but the Flatpak system is the same.  It’s a menu of components for living that includes walls, cabinets, bathrooms, kitchen, and various built-ins.  The components are fabricated and designed to meet the needs of the site and owner.

You start with a 8′ wide one story wall component.  Every 8′, you decide what you want in that component, whether all glass, no glass, part glass, high glass, low glass, etc.  You do that throughout the home floor plate until you have a finished home.  After that, you design the exterior to your needs and choose the materials.  From there, you move on to design and pick out your interior finish-outs.

At this point, the design is sent to the fulfillment team to produce drawings and documents for permits.  A Flatpak will cost in the range of $200 – $300 psf, depending on local codes and building costs.   And the process just snowballs until you have a home.







[+] Tony & Kathryn’s Flatpak House [Flickr]

Photos credit: Koru, Ltd. via Flickr.