Thanks in part to the recent launch of FreeGreen, I think I’ve found the green house of my dreams.  The home rendered above and below is called the Smart Box and it’s a stunner.  Designed by FreeGreen, Smart Box is the newest free home plan that’s going to be available from the website in the next couple weeks.  Smart Box was designed for practically any climate and can range in size from 1000 – 2200 sf.  In addition, the plans will identify do-it-yourself type opportunities so that you can find ways to do more on a tighter budget.

FreeGreen launched with the mission to “encourage progressive building practices by making green home designs free for everyone.“  They provide detailed, green home plans that are freely downloadable.  But you ask: how on earth do they provide a detailed plan set, energy report, LEED checklist, and all sorts of other goodies for free?  One, they provide customized design services.  Two, they receive paid placements from product manufacturers.  FreeGreen assures us that with the various LEED/NAHB guidelines and energy reports, the plan sets will fully disclose the materials / product possibilities of a home design.

Ultimately, in order to avoid the bias associated with paid placements, the idea is that the home plan will serve as a starting point.  From there, you decide to swap out materials or products depending on your discussion with an architect, engineer, and / or builder.  In the end, you make the final decision on the materials and products that are right for your house.

So make sure to check out the free green home plans at FreeGreen, and download one or two if you want.  I also like the Suburban Loft home design.  It’s a nice modern style plan as well.

Smartbox Interior


Smartbox Model

Via FreeGreen Blog.