Washington Nationals

HOK and Devrouax +Purnell teamed up to design what could be the first LEED certified Major League Baseball stadium around.*  As the new home of the Washington Nationals, the stadium has a slew of green features such as high-efficiency field lighting, a 6300 sf green roof, state-of-the-art wastewater system that uses sand filters, and an in-house recycling center.  Originally, architects estimated an extra cost of $10-20 million for certification, but it ended up being only $2 million.  Plus, the up-front costs are expected to be returned in lower operating costs.  For a frame of reference, though, the owners agreed to spend $611 million for the stadium. 

*Fast Company said it’s certified.  The Washington Nationals page says certification is being pursued.  I searched at the USGBC website and didn’t find this stadium as a listed project under certified — I’m not sure whether certification has been awarded yet.

UPDATE: 4/14/2008 – it’s official, the Nationals Park is the greenest, certified ballpark in the country.  Congratulations – 34 points. 

Via Fast Company.