Zorlu Ecocity is a Llewelyn Davies Yeang project located in Istanbul, Turkey.  It’s a mixed-use development located at the southern extremity of Buyukdere Street in Istanbul.  The plan is conceptualized as a "city within a city" and conforms to the city’s planning strategy to multiply the number of urban centers throughout the Marma region to relieve pressure on Istanbul’s historic core. 

Zorlu Ecocity will have 588,850 sm (6,338,329 sf) of accommodation, which includes office towers, residential towers, two hotels, apartments, and resort-style elderly units above a three story retail complex.  In total, we’re talking about 14 towers ranging from 8 to 26 stories. 

Zorlu Ecocity Skyview

This city within a city will also accommodate six thousand cars in a seven-story deep basement.  But, as I look at the renderings and ponder the concept, I think the idea is that people won’t need their cars anymore.  Plus, I’m guessing there will be a link with mass transportation to make car use an aberration, as opposed to the norm. 

The city has undeniable appeal with all the greenery and open space.  It seems so peaceful.  Ken Yeang, director of Llewelyn Davies Yeang and known expert on bioclimatic skyscraper design, will be speaking about this project at the Ecocity World Summit in April.*

*Jetson Green is an official media sponsor of Ecocity World Summit, which is incredible, because we wouldn’t have received a tip on this news otherwise!  More to come in the future, but the event will be April 24-26, 2008 in San Francisco, California.  You don’t want to miss this rare and insightful conference.