Windspire Windspire Installed

We have to be skeptical with small wind because it’s been so shady up until now, but Mariah Power is seriously poised to release their vertical axis wind turbine this spring for $3,995.  This is incredible news.  They just passed the ETL (safety) certification and also comply with UL1741 and IEEE 1547.1.  Translation:  the Windspire is safe to go to market.  But you’ll notice that the Windspire features a new design, which is expected to produce about 1800 kilowatt hours per year in 11 mph average wind conditions.  That amount of wind power is roughly 25% of a typical household’s energy. 

The Windspire has several features that make it a likely candidate to dazzle the market.

  1. It is propeller free and conveniently shaped at thirty feet tall by four feet wide.  Doesn’t need a lot of elbow room. 
  2. It has a fully-integrated design, aka the plug ‘n produce design, which includes the high efficiency generator, integrated inverter, and wireless performance monitor.  The integrated design allows for simple installation (estimated to cost around $1,000). 
  3. It uses a new, slow-speed giromill rotor for silent operation.  The giromill rotor is being independently tested, so the company can bring an element of trust to their marketing. 
  4. It is manufactured in gray but can be painted any color you want.  It has undeniable visual appeal, which I think is augmented if you line up a row of three or four, rotating like spinning rims on a tricked out car. 

This turbine is going to be a big hit, I can feel it.  Via REA.

More info on the ETL Listed Mark.