I’m seriously loving the Rapson Greenbelt here by Wieler.  Wieler was founded by the owner of the Original Dwell Home and offers a nice selection of prefab designs for the modern, green home enthusiast.  Speaking of the Rapson Greenbelt, Inhabitat reports: "Modernist architect Ralph Rapson has managed to reinterpret this 60-year old design with the green panache of a 21st century prefab.  The Rapson Greenbelt, an articulate series of prefab dwellings, is derived from a 1945 design called Case Study #4, which debuted back then as part of Arts & Architecture’s Case Study House Program.  Today, the Rapson Greenbelt is part of the modern home portfolio from WIELER, the award-winning providers of custom prefab homes."

The Greenbelt is a passive solar design that comes in many forms, depending on your needs.  Ranging in size from 576 to 2,660 sf, there’s the Starter, 1, 1.5, 2, Piloti, Walkout, and Townhouse (see all).  The photos in this short article are of the various models in the Greenbelt family of designs.  I guess you could say there’s a design for everyone, depending on your situation in life.