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Mod Green Pod offers a burst of modern fun to the eco-fabric market.  The company also produces wonderful wallpaper patterns.  Their fabrics are 100% organic fabric and the wallpaper is vinyl-free.  The fabric is hand silk-screened, which is an incredibly tedious and artful process.  You can view photos of the printing process at their site.  They currently offer 8 pattern choices in about 30 colors.  The signature prints are bold, colorful, and totally modern.

The wallpaper is available in 2 patterns, 12 colors, and uses the same printing process.  All this artistry and detail adds up to a high price tag, but if you can afford it, Mod Green Pod is definitely worth it.

What a luxury to have hand-printed fabrics and wallpapers that are good for the planet.  Finally, we have a great source for modern prints and colors in eco-friendly fabric.  I have found the best source for buying their fabric online to be Near Sea Naturals.  They price the fabric at about $100 /yard, and you can order swatches through them as well.  Let’s just hope Mod Green Pod continues to expand this wonderful collection, so that we have more and more mod prints to choose from!

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