PowerHouse Enterprises is persistently chasing that sweet trifecta of style, economics, and sustainability.  This house here, built in Lawrence, Massachusetts, is en route to get LEED Platinum certification.  Says Quincy Vale, founder and President of PowerHouse:  "Overall, green is good, but the things that work are health and money.  Unless homeowners save money from their investment, I'm not sure it's going to sell."  I think he's hitting it right on the head with that statement. 


Vale was interviewed for a local newspaper article and made the following salient points:

  1. Pointing out that in some countries, half the homes are built in factories, he said, "I'm beginning to develop the notion that a house can't be very green unless it's modular or prefab."
  2. And commenting on the various levels of green, he continued, "The big gains in energy efficiency are in design. Anyone can stick energy-efficient gizmos on a house, but a lot of times, it's putting lipstick on a pig.

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Photo credits: Boston.com.