We featured GreenMobile® last year when we blogged about the Lifecycle Building Challenge winners.  GreenMobile® was a winner in the Professional Unbuilt category.  Now, mounting success upon success, Michael Berk, creator of the concept, has a prototype in the works to be unveiled in March 2008.  Can’t wait to see that!  GreenMobile® was awarded $5.8 M from FEMA to further develop the prototype and roughly 80 units are in the pipeline right after that prototype comes through. 

GreenMobile® is expected to cost about $50k, and because of its quality construction, lenders will likely provide a longer mortgage product for its purchase.  The single-wide unit will be delivered to the site with a bevy of green: Energy Smart certified, low-impact footings, solar ready and BIPV overhangs, east-west axis design for solar orientation, natural ventilation, green SIPs and super-insulation, and locally-sourced materials.  Seriously, I’d live in this.  Given the land, this would be great.  Affordable.  Modern.  Green.

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