I’m starting to run dry on eco-tower projects to talk about on Sundays, so maybe we can get a few more to pop up in Dubai?  This skyscraper, Tower Verre, might just be the next green structure in New York.  Well, more specifically, Tower Verre is on the table and ready to go, but I’m not entirely sure whether it will be green.  WAN notes the following: "solar panels and wind turbines fill the narrow triangular top section, putting its unusually thin silhouette to a reasonable use.  This tower is a monument to the rules of shadow and light, and to the forces of the wind." ##  I haven’t been able to confirm the use of solar and wind in the tower’s pinnacle, but as always, I think it’s positive to have solar/wind integrated into structures in a meaningful way.

The 75-story Jean Nouvel tower sits adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown.  You’ll notice the exposed structural intricacy, which the N.Y. Times described as a "pattern of crisscrossing beams on the buildings’ facade [giving] the skin a taut, muscular look." I tend to agree with that.  By pushing the structure to the exterior, Nouvel was able to maintain open floor plates, a need that increases as you climb higher and higher up the building.  We’ll watch for more specifics on the project.





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