There’s a new online video show hosted by Alex Pettitt called Mainstream Green.  Their videos are high-quality and super informative.  Sometimes, it helps to see how things work, so I love to show video as often as possible.  The video above is on recycling and deconstruction.  The deconstruction guy says the cost of on-site deconstruction is comparable to waste removal.  That’s a good.  Generally, people are self-interested and when it becomes profitable to do the right thing, more and more people will start doing the right thing.  Makes sense doesn’t it?

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From their video page: "Mainstream Green engages, informs, and educates viewers about everything green, from the nitty-gritty of insulation to the big picture of master-planned communities.  By providing inspiration and information on how to become more involved in earth-friendly alternatives, Mainstream Green encourages viewers to explore avenues and incentives that save them money, improve their health, and make their world a little better."  Via EcoGeek.