Hot on the heels of a growing bundle of green retailers comes news of Kohl’s future plans for new construction.  Starting in 2008, newly constructed retail stores will be built to LEED certification.  Currently, Kohl’s has plans for about 80 new stores and the changes will include adding more insulation, using recycled or reusable building materials, ensuring that materials are locally supplied, and controlling lights, heat, and cooling from central headquarters to prevent excess energy consumption.  Twenty-two stores in California will use solar power to supply roughly 40% of their energy needs, and three stores in Wisconsin will use solar to power about 20% of their energy needs. 

Ken Bonning, executive VP of logistics said, "We think it’s not only good for the environment, but it’s also good for our business." With hopes of having about 1,400 stores by 2012, of which, 500 will be added over the next five years, I think we can all appreciate their step in a greener direction.  It’s a step.

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