Facade Exterior

Cascade Built recently finished construction on Jackson Place Townhomes, a two-unit, urban infill project built to LEED Silver certification (currently only registered).  As you can tell, it has that undeniable modern appeal, which is stylishly intertwined with green construction and design.  For $485,000, you could walk away with one of these 2 bedroom, 1.75 bath, 1260 sf townhomes.  Good design is a like a square footage multiplier — the better the design, the smaller your space requirements. 

In addition to conscientious site planning, minimization of materials, and active temperature controls, some green features include the following: energy-efficient windows, hydronic radiant heating, on-demand water heaters, a rainwater detention planter, formaldehyde free glues and laminates, low-VOCs in all materials, Energy Star appliances, pervious parking surfaces, and FSC-certified lumbers.  Add to all this the project’s inherent good design that brings in natural light and the fact that it’s pre-wired for solar, and you’ve got quite the abode.  Jackson Place was designed by OPA Designs.

Interior Kitchen

Entry Kitchenstairs_2

Bedroom Bathroom

Via Building Seattle Green.