Back in 2004, the William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum received LEED Silver certification as a newly constructed green building.  Recently, though, they went back to the drawing table and brainstormed ways to make the building greener.  After beefing up the green cleaning and recycling programs and purchasing RECs for the energy use they couldn't reduce through conservation and efficiency, they've been able to make some major improvements.  Today, a press release was issued recognizing the Clinton Library for receiving LEED-EB Platinum certification, which is quite the accomplishment.  Congrats, Mr. Clinton.

The Northwest Morning News in Northwest Arkansas reports also that the Clinton Library has been getting a green roof installed over the past couple weeks.  By the end of this month, the library will capped with strawberries, ferns, switch grass, and roses, among other plant life. 



Clinton09_2 Clinton02_2


Images via Polshek Partnership, the building's architecture firm.