Bedrock Industries is a very cool green company.  They use 100% recycled glass and are committed to never using any new material.  What they do with this glass is just as cool; they use it for tiles, art projects, glass dinnerware, crushed stone pathways and colored sand, and even sell it to be used as mosaic material or as a substrate in homemade green concrete countertops.  They have a great range of colors ranging from red, yellow and brown to turquoise, pink and purple.  Their tiles are beautiful and come in many shapes, including some very unusual shapes like leafs and flower petals.

The tiles are pricey: $2.40 for a 2" x 2" tile and $9.00 for a small flower petal.  But, these are unique, almost artisan quality tiles, so their prices are not unreasonable; however, for the average homeowner, they may be our of reach for tiling a large area. The solution for this is to use a few of their tiles as accents in a backsplash, shower, or floor.  Even just a few of these tiles will give your project a high-end, special look. 

The tumbled glass ranges from $3-$7 per lb., which is affordable, if you are going to use it in countertops or as a backsplash accent mosaic.  Using it for a path in your garden might add up in cost pretty fast though, I would think.  The colored sand could be really neat for your children’s sand box, as would the larger pieces of smooth, tumbled glass. 

Bedrock Industries is passionate about being environmentally and socially responsible; they recycle boxes for shipping and give back to their local community.  To see a real-world example of their green practices, check out their "Jerry Garcia Project" — it’s a great, real-life story about their actions to re-use and recycle.  Green ethics and beautiful products make Bedrock a top-notch eco-company, and they’ve saved hundreds of tons of material from hitting landfills, too.



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