This articles was written by one of Jetson Green’s newest writers, Sarah Roe, an artist, art educator, and passionate environmentalist.  As you can tell from the article below, she has considerable knowledge and experience with green materials.  Welcome!

Here is one of the best looking, green countertop products on the market.  And it is beautiful!!  IceStone is made of 70-75% recycled material (glass mostly); of that, the post-consumer percentage is quite low (1-20%) but it is still a great product for LEED certification applications.  IceStone is available in a wide variety of colors, some very bright and some neutral.  My favorites are the Alpine White and White Pearl for neutrals and the Pistachio Pearl (green) for a bright accent.  This product is just as beautiful in person as you would hope for it to be.  It feels similar to Corian, even more stone-like, but it looks much more beautiful because of the array of glass moving through it.  Some colors, usually on the more expensive side, even have white iridescent pieces of shell throughout, which is a gorgeous touch. 

IceStone Tuscan Sunset

Unfortunately, you can’t get a quote for the material right on the site; you have to contact them, but this is typical of green materials companies.  The price range that I have found for IceStone is $80-$150/sq. foot, but I think most of the colors come in much closer to the $80, if not below.  A standard slab is 52½" wide by 96" long, 1¼” (3 cm) thick, and weighs about 14 lbs per square foot.  There are some cheaper green countertop options out there, but nothing close to the beauty of this product.  So, splurge or use IceStone for an accent bar or kitchen island if you can’t afford to do your whole kitchen with it.  IceStone may also be used for other wall and floor applications.  It is as hard as granite and heat resistant; it is somewhat porous, but most countertop materials actually are.  It is very safe as far as toxins and it is also fire resistant.

Additionally, IceStone is a dedicated green business.  They use environmentally friendly practices like greywater recycling, day lighting with natural light, and using soy based lubricants for their machinery. The waste from their manufacturing processes is recycled for road surfacing. The company’s goal is zero waste, which should make you feel great about buying their product for your home or business.