Hypothetical Installation

Here’s a little shout out for a brand spanking new website called ChooseRenewables.com.  I like the website because it empowers individuals with facts necessary to live in a more sustainable way.  Included below are images of my experiment with CR, but this is all specific to MY HOME ADDRESS.  Every location is different, so feel free to plug in your address and see what it provides.

Incentives As you can see from my hypothetical installation, both the solar and wind options are utterly ridiculous.  I mean, a simple payback of 47 years for solar and 118 years for wind?  That’s unbelievable.  BUT, I think it’s important to dig into these numbers.  The wind installation won’t happen here because the air is too thin.  The solar installation is a little more compelling because my house gets roughly 5.43 sun hours per day.  That’s not bad, so why is the payback so tough to swallow?  (1) the technology/labor costs are too high, (2) the incentives are too low, and (3) the solar system size is too big/energy requirements are too high.  Finding ways to improve these three will make the solar system more viable.  So, that’s why JG supports cheaper clean tech, honest politicians free of the coal lobby, and energy-efficient home design with conservation.

Electricity Costs

ChooseRenewables.com Launches – Offers Free Custom Data and Evaluations for At-Home Wind and Solar Energy Solutions

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — September 19, 2007 –  ChooseRenewablesâ„¢ today announced the launch of its Web site at www.ChooseRenewables.com, offering a one-stop destination that helps consumers understand their energy impact and take action to improve it. As global warming continues to generate headlines and energy prices escalate, consumers are increasingly seeking ways to reduce the impact of their energy use and save money. With ChooseRenewables’ free MyEnergy Analystâ„¢ consumers receive a clear picture of their personal energy impact and can implement a simple plan to reduce it with a MyEnergy Makeoverâ„¢.  The one-of-a-kind MyWatts Renewables Estimatorâ„¢ allows users to simply enter their address and receive a free evaluation of potential solar and wind options they may be eligible to install at their home or business.

“Our mission is to not only educate consumers, but to empower them to take action by connecting them with realistic, easy-to-implement solutions that can dramatically reduce and diversify their energy use,” said Michael Ford, founder and president of ChooseRenewables. “We encourage our customers to focus on reducing their energy use by adopting energy efficient technologies and changing their own behavior – and then use a portion of the savings reaped by energy conservation to support a clean and independent energy future through on-site renewable energy generation and other means.”