"It's like a loft you can take anywhere.Ideabox offers a pretty cool product in the modern, prefabricated housing industry.  Ideabox emphasizes good design, not square footage, and they make it easy to do.  With Ideabox, you're going to get the entire package right to your site.  There's one day to install it, one day to build the deck, and that's about it.  Depending on your site, all you really need to do is set up the water, power, septic, and sewer systems.  You can even go wireless with the turnkey solar system package, too. 

There's a few different models of the Ideabox, depending on which one fits you best.  There's the Northwest Modern, which is "400 sf of living large" and comes green (this is the one pictured above and below).  Supposedly, the price for the Northwest Modern prefab is about $75,000.  I'll see if I can track down more details to verify that. There's also the Confluence Modern, which is about 750 sf and certified Energy Star.  All the prefabs seem to be made with good green materials, too, which is exactly what we like.