I just want to kick out a shout to the group over at Lighter Footstep that took time to look at the state of the green blogosphere and come up with a list of good green blogs to read.  With the blogosphere as large as it is, there’s always room for error in generating a list, but I think LF did a nice job.  Feel free to pop over and read about each one.  Importantly, the list goes beyond the big-time green blogs such as Treehugger, EcoGeek, AutoBlogGreen, and Inhabitat.  These are the leaders of green blogging.  Other than JG, I’ve included links to the other nine:

Click below the fold to hear what Lighter Footstep had to say about Jetson Green: 

"Jetson Green is the best Green building blog on the planet.  Preston Koerner was tracking eco-friendly, energy saving construction techniques long before the mainstream press discovered green roofs and LEED certification. If you’re interested in how homes and businesses are going to look five years from now, start following Jetson Green. Preston’s site is bursting with great resources: links, feature articles, videos, and news. Whether you’re interested in green skyscrapers or finding some way of trimming a little off your home energy bills, Jetson Green is a good place to start. Always informed, freshly updated, and well-written."  Thanks guys, but I can’t take much of the credit (ex: Lloyd Alter, Philip Proefrock, Bruce Sterling, Sarah Rich, Evelyn Lee, Justin Thomas, etc.), but I will continue to keep it fresh, updated, and relevant.