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Quotable: Donald Wood, Federal Realty Investment Trust

"It’s better to be ahead of the ‘green’ curve than to play catch-up.  A proactive program to modify your development methods clearly represents an opportunity to increase competitive advantage in civic development projects.  This is the case for Federal Realty where Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings and other environmentally based […]

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Rowhaus Condominiums, Modern + Green Living by Blue Conservancy

I’m in the middle of trying to find a nice little home in Salt Lake City and don’t think I’ve ever seen the words ‘bungalow’ or ‘rambler’ so much in my life.  Many (not all) of the places here are run down, beat up, smelly, oozing with latent mold and lead issues, […]

What's Green About My City?

Actually, my new city, Salt Lake City, feels a lot greener than my old city, Dallas (but it’s always my first home).  The population in SLC is edgy, kind of like Portland and Austin, but there’s also a substantial conservative undercurrent.  I’ve found that the conservatives (myself included) really care about the environment as […]

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Filler Post: Moving to Salt Lake City

Well, I’m a little behind on posting because I’ve just moved from Dallas to Salt Lake City.  It was a good two-day road trip.  We saw lots of two things: sunny land and road kill.  We saw a few wind farms as well.  We started thinking about the drama over birds being killed from turbine […]

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$5B Clinton, Eco-Yahoo!, Health-Care Constuction, Nevada Ungreens, Porous Paving, Ed Begley Jr.'s Green Website, & Green Building Studio (WIR)

Clinton Climate Initiative Offers $5B to Green Municipal Buildings at Cities Nationwide. Yahoo! Issues ‘Greenest City in America’ Challenge with Reward of Hybrid Taxi Fleet. $41B Health-care Construction Industry Going Green to Save Energy, Cut Infection Rates. Nevada State Board Hopes to Change (Remove) Green Building Standard, Mislead About […]

Josh Dorfman: The Lazy Environmentalist

A couple months ago, I wrote about Josh Dorfman and his Modern Green Living directory, so I wanted to kick out a shout for his new book in stores now.  For some reason I thought the book was coming out in August and had it on pre-order, but it never came.  Today, I was […]

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