Redondo Beach House

If you’ve ever been to a port terminal, you’ve seen the mass quantities of shipping containers used to transport goods all over the world.  With the trade imbalance–US importing more than exporting, the containers that aren’t returned to their origin, waste away here in the US.  But there are a few creative architects such as Adam Kalkin, Jennifer Siegal, and Peter DeMaria (his home pictured above and below), who are using these containers as the basic structure for custom built homes.  The fact is, materials such as steel and wood cost big-time money and perpetually increase in price due to world demand; according to the video, Anna + Sven Pirkl are getting their 3,500 square foot home built at $125 square foot (a pittance for that area’s custom build price that ballparks at +$250 square foot). 

The LA Times also wrote an article about what the family is going to do with the home (think:  zip line + climbing wall). 

DeMaria Design Assocites is creatively sourcing the Pirkl’s project materials.  Because they are using folding airplane hangar doors, both doors that usually cost $35,000 each, will cost half that price.  For insulation, DeMaria used NASA-developed ceramic coating insulation, which was sprayed on with a coat that is slightly thicker than a credit card.  They’re even going to saw the top off a container, put it in the ground, and use that for the basis of their backyard pool!