$5B Clinton, Eco-Yahoo!, Health-Care Constuction, Nevada Ungreens, Porous Paving, Ed Begley Jr.'s Green Website, & Green Building Studio (WIR)

Clinton Climate Initiative Offers $5B to Green Municipal Buildings at Cities Nationwide. Yahoo! Issues ‘Greenest City in America’ Challenge with Reward of Hybrid Taxi Fleet. $41B Health-care Construction Industry Going Green to Save Energy, Cut Infection Rates. Nevada State Board Hopes to Change (Remove) Green Building Standard, Mislead About […]

I'd Like a Facelift, Suggestions?

I love blogging.  I really do.  But maybe it’s because I look at my own blog everyday, I don’t know, but I’d like to mix it up a little bit.  Is that taboo for a fledgling blog?  What you see is 100% home-job by me.  I worked up the banner, picking through Photoshop the best […]

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BusinessWeek's Residential Green Tech: Wind Turbines, Geothermal, Solar Panels

There’s a slide show on BusinessWeek, which is part of a story written by Aili McConnon.  The story is called, "For Houses, It’s Glamorous to be Green."  For attribution, the link to the slide show is here, but I’ve taken the slide show images and text and created a photo loop through […]

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