Green Office: C2C Certified Steelcase Answer® Workstation

The Steelcase Answer panel workstation is the first C2C Certified powered workstation for the contract furniture industry. First, Answer uses responsible materials. Workstation components consist of panels, wood work surfaces, overhead storage and floor-based storage. There is absolutely no PVC used in its construction. Second, Cradle to Cradle certification requires product design that contemplates what happens when the product is not longer useful for its intended purpose. There's a focus on being able to recycle or safely compost the materials. Adhesives are eliminated, where possible, and recyclable parts are clearly marked. This is a big deal considering Answer is one of the best selling systems products in the world.
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LEED First at 53 Standish Street

Today's green project, aka 53 Standish Street, is the first LEED-H Certified (for homes) project in Massachusetts and the first multi-unit building (up to 4 units) in the country that meets USGBC standards for sustainable design and construction. In addition, it was Energy Star Certified due receiving a 93.3 Home Energy Rating Score (100 point scale) for incorporating energy saving products and technologies. It was designed by Tony Butler of AB Architects and the general contractor was Aedi Construction LLC.
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LEED-H Prototype Heather's Home: Modern, Green + Affordable

DFW builder Don Ferrier's daughter wanted an affordable, green home, so they retained the best, local green architect, Gary Olp of GGOArchitects, to get the job done. The result is Heather's Home, which has its own website at What's interesting about this home is that it's economically pragmatic, but it looks goods--it's proof that a modern, green home can be relatively affordable. We're talking about a 2,038 square-foot home in the price range of about $117 per square foot ($230,000).

GreenBuild International Conference + Expo – November 15-17, 2006 (Denver, CO)

Sustainable building for 2006 had to be a watershed year, and this conference looks to be an exciting event. Everytime you see "LEED" in my blog, I'm talking about the professional, responsible embodiment of green buildings--smart, efficient, and energy independent. Starting tomorrow, the USGBC's annual conference begins; here's what's in store for the next 3 days: +700 exhibitor booths, LEED workshops, green building tours, powerful keynote speakers, Master Speakers Series, USGBC Leadership Awards, etc.
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Salt Lake City + Mayor Rocky Anderson Approve LEED Ordinance to Promote Green Construction

In early November 2006, the City Council unanimously approved an ordinance requiring commercial, apartment, and condominium builders to meet LEED standards if they are funded by city loans, grants, or tax rebates. The same ordinance also ratified Rocky Anderson's summer executive order requiring new municipal buildings to meet LEED-silver standards.
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Skyscraper Sunday: Albanese Organization's Luxury, Mixed-Use Tower Seeking Platinum LEED

Albanese Organization (AO) is a great example of an interesting phenomenon:  once you go green, you don’t go back.  AO is the forward-thinking real estate firm behind two other green buildings, The Solaire and […]

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