Energy Star Eco Intuitive Washer + Dryer Combo

When you’re buying appliances for the home, whether you’re replacing or starting new, it is imperative to go for products that are energy efficient.  Many times, you can look for the Energy Star label, […]

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ParkUrbia: PB+CO's Green Home Concept

I noticed this futuristic, yet realistic, home concept in the latest issue of Popular Science.  It’s was designed by PB+CO (aka Philippe Barriere Collective) and "reflects the desire to create socially responsible communities […]

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Fort Bliss Plans to Create Largest, 10 SQ Mile Solar Farm

We don’t need no stinkin’ coal!  Fort Bliss is right on the money with their visionary plan to build a 1-gigawatt (yes, that’s what the article says), 10 square mile solar farm at Fort […]

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Skyscraper Sunday: Hunt Consolidated Office Tower Going LEED Green?

About one year ago yesterday, Hunt Consolidated Inc. broke ground on a new office tower, which borders on Akard Street and Woodall Rogers Freeway.  You’ve probably seen it, it has massive cement beams curving […]

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Green Office: The Sustainable Liege Desk

In the last "Green Office" segment here on Jetson Green, I talked about the merits of investing in a Think chair from Steelcase for your office.  Need a desk?  Some of you may shut […]

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Case for State + Local Renewable Energy Rebates: Solar Umbrella House (2006)

Green Wombat reports that the Governator was pumping up California’s commitment to create 3,000 megawatts of new solar-produced, clean energy by 2017.  Think about that.  We’re talking about governmental support for empowering and supporting […]

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