Green Renovation 101: Herd Theory Approach

You’re thinking about selling your house within the next year and want to make some changes to add legitimate value to the place.  You really want to differentiate your home from other similar homes […]

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Contemporary Furniture: Going Green with Exceptionally Designed Bicycle Parts

This isn’t just some ordinary, run-of-the-mill furniture, slapped together with no thought for the environment, comfort, or design.  Andy Gregg founded Bike Furniture Design in the 90s with the seminal, original bike chair.  Since […]

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ScrapHouse Illustrates Re-use, Recycle, Repurpose Principles (aka Innovation)

The ScrapHouse is a "temporary demonstration home, blitz-built using scrap and salvaged material."  I looks really cool…so cool, you’d probably bid for it on ebay if you saw it.  What?  It’s not on ebay; […]

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1920s San Antonio Industrial Compound Converted into Eco + Modern Residence

Every project is different and depending on the circumstances, one will have a bevy of options to choose from to move forward with a green plan.  Some projects need to be torn down.  Some […]

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Sustainability is Good Business: Obstacles to Green Building Progress

Going green doesn’t mean you’ve turned into a hippy or gone granola, it means you’ve taken a pro-active step to create an efficient, economic, healthy work or home environment.  If you haven’t noticed, there […]

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[September] Architectural Record House of the Month: Newport Beach – Heinfeld Residence

Architectural Record always seems to find some of the best modern + green residences in the country:  this month’s spotlight is on Dan + Katherine Heinfeld’s home designed by architectural firm LPA, Inc., in […]

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