S2: LOT-EK Slanting Container Building – 87 Lafayette Tower

I’m not sure whether this is already in the works or whether this is just a proposal, but I thought it was creative and interesting enough to talk about.  […]

The Case for Individual Effort + Global Cooperation

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Dual Flush Toilets, Nevada's Green Incentives, New York's Green Improvements, + William McDonough on Earth Day (WIR)

If Your Toilet was Installed Before 1994, it probably Accounts for 40% of Household H2O…Dual Flush Toilets are Newest Way to Save Water.  Patagonia’s LEED Gold Distribution Center Gets 50% Real […]

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Coca-Cola Flaunting the Business Case for Green Renovations

It looks like we can add Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) to the list of companies that are trying to reduce the impact of business operations.  Today, the company announced a collaboration with Georgia Tech Enterprise […]

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5 Ways to Start Your Home's Green Remodel

Let’s face it, not everyone can go out there and build a new house to have a green home.  A lot of older homes will need to be renovated.  With green renovations, there’s a […]

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Interface Studio: Sustainable, Economic Sheridan Street Housing

The Philadelphia Sustainability Awards Finalists have been chosen and one of the projects that was overlooked is the following 13-unit, affordable, environmentally-friendly housing project designed by Interface Studio, LLC.  One of the […]


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