GreenCity Lofts: A Modern Step in the Green Direction

First off, GreenCity Lofts LLC shows us how important it is to have a sleek, professional, informative website for your properties.  In the early stages of construction, word-of-mouth increases and people start […]

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Green Cartoon – “Isn’t Nature Marvelous”

This cartoon comes from a very creative Japanese cartoonist, Professor Hiroshi Takatsuki (aka High Moon), who does some pretty thoughtful environmental work.  I’m not going to spoil it by telling you the […]

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BD+C White Paper: Green Building + The Bottom Line (2006)

"The 'New Reality' of Green Building from Environmental Cause to Financial Opportunity." I wanted to put up a quick post regarding BD+C's new green building white paper--it's big-time informative, talking about green building in the context of office, retail, hotel, restaurant, residential, education, healthcare, and government buildings.
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ABC's Extreme Makeover: Pauni Family + Making Homes Sustainable

Recently I blogged about the Happy New House by Neil Denari, and the concept that home design has a lot do with our personalities–even our psychological well-being.  After reading […]

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Madison Wisconsin's Capitol West Development Goes Modern + Reuses/Deconstructs +94%

This urban redevelopment will include about 375-400 townhomes, condominiums, and lofts + penthouses. The first phase (173 condos + 10,000 sf of retail) of condominium homes will range in size from 650-3,000 square feet, with prices ranging from $170,000-$900,000. I was really surprised by the diversity of architecture and offerings for this neighborhood: Capitol Court Townhomes, Washington Rowhouses, 309 West Washington (10 floors), Main Street Townhomes, + Broom Street Lofts. This looks really exciting.

Bioclimatic Design, Menara Mesiniaga + Ken Yeang (S2)

The Menara Mesiniaga, often referred to as the IBM building, is owned by Mesiniaga, a Malaysian public company in the IT sector that is somehow connected to IBM. The 15 floor, 207 foot, intelligent building was finished in 1992, and interestingly, property values of the land around the building have flourished.
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